Rangers 1-7 Liverpool: Collected issues after the UEFA Champions League

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Rangers 1-7 Liverpool: Collected issues after the UEFA Champions League.

Rangers scolded the first half!

If just looking at the score in this game. That came out overwhelmingly to 1-7. Many people might think that this game, the Reds, is definitely chasing the invasion on one side. But that’s not what happen at all in the first 45 minutes. That Rangers made a surprise opening game to attack. Exchange for a very even match and still shoot ahead until Liverpool couldn’t set up the game. Especially the ball into the last area where they did a good job until Firmino hit the equalizer. Causing the visiting team to start to open their eyes and open their mouths. Before Klopp solved the game to chase 6 goals in a row in the second half. It’s like a movie for each roll that has it all.

Salah Firmino on the return of confidence

This game, Bang Mo started from being a substitute. Before being sent down to warm up in the 68th minute, when the team was leading 1-2. But after being on the field shortly after, it took less than 6 minutes to manage. Shooting three goals in a row, the kind. That we might not have in such a fierce performance for a long time. Returning to form as a substitute with a stubborn look. While Bobby Firmino appears to have become the person the fans rely on the most in the front. Because in the past several months, he has been. Able to produce creative game scores for the team during difficult times. It also clearly looks more confident, both from showing different styles, including facial expressions when playing with the ball.

Situation after game 4

As for Group A, we are beginning to see a glimpse of which team will finish where after qualifying. Of course, Napoli, who have taken 12 points in a row, will qualify for the last 16 after Ajax. The third-place team. With just three points and two games remaining. They will not able to catch up. While Rangers, who scored 0 points, still have a chance to finish 3rd to play in the Europa League. But that means they Must win in the remaining two games only. While Liverpool, with 9 points in second place, need only 1 more point to guarantee the final round of Napoli. Which is the only way for Ajax to beat the Reds to qualify. That is, they have to win the remaining two games, including defeating Liverpool with the most goal difference and allowing the Reds to lose to Napoli in the final game.