Serie A – World Cup and Olivier Giroud

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Serie A – World Cup and Olivier Giroud.

The 2022 World Cup is coming soon. The countdown is less than 5 weeks and everything will officially begin. Amid the news that many players may heartbroken. For missing out on the final round with injuries. Many players look to the opportunity of a lifetime to play in the biggest tournament in national football.

Olivier Giroud spearheads AC Milan and the French national team. Interview with the media in Italy About his time in Italy. He admits that there have surprises since he first joined. Including his goals and missions “Protect the World Championship” in Qatar in November. Which he has goals on self-confidence to reach the goal

french shooting star Entering a second season of life in Italian Serie A. After his first year ended happily with an immediate league title. This year he is the main striker of the team. In full swing and later this year he will be in contention for the World Cup. Which will mark his third career in football. And it will be the last time for him.

The 2021 move is estimated a retirement move for his career. At around €2 million, a meager figure compared to the many achievement. He has built over the past decade. Which the player admits. That his role at Milan chose him as part of the team is “older” in the first team with many young players in the team. His experience was what was needed. But his goalscoring and what he did for the team had exceeded expectations. Because he showed that he was also excellent at hunting nets.

Long-term injury to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 41, who is due to have knee surgery and will return in February 2023, has made Giroud even more important to the team as a target. One thing Giroud has had great luck with is that he has never had the misfortune of suffering a serious injury that has been out for months. Ibrahimovic style or many people have to suffer He admits that taking care of the body over the age of 30 is very important for this career.

“I think I’m physically quite ready for this year. as well as mental state I have started 13 games already. What a wonderful thing. And it hasn’t happened for a very long time. And feel that I have a responsibility to this team and hope to continue to serve here The work that must be a role model for the younger generation in the team It’s something I feel good about. I think Milan is a very good team. But communication within the team is something that we need to do more than before. Experience has taught me that it’s important to understand people around you when playing football,” Giroud said.

This new season they are in a not bad situation in Serie A with being at the top of the league. But in the Champions League, they will have to fight hard in the last two games if they want to advance to the next round.

“I think we started a lot this year. And knowing that this season will be more difficult than ever. With the Scudetto on our shirts the more your opponents want to beat you. Our duty is to continue playing as planned. and move forward as before But what is clearly different from the previous year is The problem of injuries in the team that makes us busy in preparing the team. But the results came out, I think we are in a good position. and qualifying for the Champions The next league is still in our hands.”

“Serie A is a very difficult league with rivals Juventus, Inter Milan and Napoli, here also two teams from Rome. or Atalanta These guys are ready to compete for the title with every team like Napoli. This season, they have performed very well. This league has been a surprise to me since my first year here. I think this league will make me more comfortable playing in the Premier League, but let’s be honest. Many clubs play high-pressing from the first minute of the game. In some games, I was featured throughout the game. That is, I was wrong. If you’re not 100% physically, you’ll play harder. Because the problem of dealing with competitors is already difficult.”